I. General Provisions
  • These terms and conditions are hereinafter referred to as the Terms and Conditions of Use.
Other definitions used in the Terms and Conditions of Use:
  • 1. User – individual using Zippyshare.com, irrespective of whether such person uploads any data (files) to the site.
  • 2. Zippyshare.com site (or the Site) – collection of web pages hosted under the Zippyshare.com domain name, consisting of the Zippyshare.com site located at the home page http://www.zippyshare.com, in particular enabling the upload to such site of files, aimed amongst others at making such files available to other users.
  • 3. File – file uploaded to the site by a user; formats, permissible file size and other characteristics are dependent on the site’s current functionality (current data concerning this can be found at http://www.zippyshare.com in the site functionality section).
  • 4. Account – account created by a user of Zippyshare.com. A User may use an account (functionality provided by the account) only after registering and activating the account. Account activation occurs through clicking on the activation link sent by the Zippyshare.com system in an e-mail. A User with an active account (account after registration and activation) may always, at times when Zippyshare.com is accessible, change the account password through logging in to the user account and submitting the appropriate change password request.
  • 5. User Profile – space on Zippyshare.com containing information on a user which has been voluntarily provided by said user, appropriate to the functionality available at a given time on Zippyshare.com. A user profile is only available to users with active accounts.
II. Principles for use of Zippyshare.com
  • 1. The Terms and Conditions of Use define the general principles for use of Zippyshare.com, enabling users in particular to upload files free-of-charge. The Terms and Conditions of Use also define users’ rights and obligations and also the rights, obligations and scope of liability of Zippyshare.com Administrator. The principles for the operation and functionality of Zippyshare.com are described in detail on Zippyshare.com (in particular in the FAQs section).
  • 2. The following is essential for correct use of Zippyshare.com: possession of appropriate hardware enabling internet access and possession of software necessary to view internet content. An essential condition for registration on Zippyshare.com is possession of an e-mail address (this concerns only users wishing to set up an active account on the site).
  • 3. All users are required to observe the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • 4. Zippyshare.com is entitled to all rights to the site, including in particular copyrights (with exclusion of rights to files uploaded by users).
  • 5. Users have the right to the following under use of Zippyshare.com on the principles defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use and the generally binding provisions of law:
  •       1. to download files from the Site which have been uploaded to the Site by themselves or by other users in accordance with the available functionality of the Site, with stipulation that the user has the right to free-of-charge download of files not exceeding 200MB in size, as well as their own files (files uploaded by a user who has registered and activated his/her account on Zippyshare.com denoted by a user login).
  •       2. to upload files and provide descriptions thereof in accordance with the Site’s available functionality, provided that the maximum size of the user’s private files cannot exceed 200MB;
  •       3. to place links to the Site or to files uploaded to the Site on other sites or web pages, on discussion forums or any other web services and to make such links publically available on the internet in any other manner (e.g. via e-mail, instant messaging services).
  • 6. Expression by the user of consent to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use is a condition for use of Zippyshare.com. Use of Zippyshare.com by a user denotes that such user has carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Use, accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use and expresses consent to the provisions thereof. Use of Zippyshare.com by a user, consisting of uploading specific files or other content on the Site, denotes that the user certifies that he/she has the right to upload such files or other content on Zippyshare.com. The consequences of such actions, in particular a lack of appropriate right or authorisation, are borne exclusively by users committing illegal acts.
  • 7. Liability for the results of user actions consisting of the upload of files, folders or other content to Zippyshare.com shall be borne exclusively by such user. In the event that any entity raises claims against Zippyshare.com for upload by a given user of defined files, folders or other content to Zippyshare.com, the user shall be required, at the request of Zippyshare.com or such entity, to fulfil its justified claims. The user’s obligations defined in this point concern a situation where third party claims under this point shall be a direct consequence of a user’s actions or omissions concerning upload of defined content on the Site.
  • 8. Users using Zippyshare.com through uploading specific files or other content assure that they are entitled to all rights, including in particular author’s copyrights, that through their actions they are not violating the rights of third parties and that they are legally empowered to take such actions.
  • 9. Subject to sec. 5, point 1 hereof, Zippyshare.com does not receive remuneration from users for use of Zippyshare.com. Users are not entitled to any remuneration for use of Zippyshare.com.
  • 10. A user may use Zippyshare.com through registering and activating an account or without registering and activating an account. Zippyshare.com makes differentiation in the functionality of Zippyshare.com for users depending on whether they have registered and activated an account on the site. Users who have not registered and activated an account in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use may use the service as an anonymous user (without permanent designation reserved for them). Users who have not registered and activated an account in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use may not upload private files to the Site or download files exceeding 200MB in size. Users who have registered and activated an account in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use may in particular administer their files and folders, download files exceeding 200MB in size subject to sec. 5, point 1 of the Terms and Conditions of Use, or use the Site in any other manner. The right to make other differentiation in Site functionality is reserved dependent on whether a user is a registered user with an active account (current information concerning this is available at http://www.zippyshare.com in the Site Functionality section).
  • 11. Activation of an account should be performed within 7 days from the date on which a user is registered on the site. In the event of non-activation of an account within the aforementioned deadline, Zippyshare.com reserves the right to delete the account.
  • 12. Both provision of data necessary for registration on Zippyshare.com and use of services available on Zippyshare.com are voluntary.
  • 13. After account activation, users may delete their Zippyshare.com accounts by clicking on the “Delete Account #1 (without files – your files will stay on our servers till they expire)” or “Delete Account #2 (with files – your files will be permanently deleted alongside with your account)” link (under Main Menu >> Account Settings).
  • 14. Data uploaded by a user shall be available on the site immediately after its upload by a user. Zippyshare.com however stipulates that a delay is possible.
  • 15. In the event of a user registering an account on Zippyshare.com, the e-mail address given is used exclusively by Zippyshare.com to:
  •       a. send the account password to the user at the e-mail address given (at the user’s request),
  •       b. provide contact between Zippyshare.com and the user in issues connected with Zippyshare.com (in particular to notify the user of changes taking place on the Site, news etc.)

Source: www.zippyshare.com/sites/terms_and_conditions_of_use.html

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